The Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan is a set of reports with cross-referenced information as outlined below.

Vision presents an overview of the Urban Water Plan.

Urban Design is geared towards planning and design professionals. This report tests water planning principles through design drawings at the system, basin, district, and demonstration project scales.

Implementation is geared towards policy-makers, water system managers, and other stakeholders interested in effecting change. The report presents the value and economic impact of the Water Plan and outlines an action plan for implementation that includes prioritization and phasing of proposed strategies, financing tools, policy and community action recommendations, existing jurisdictions, and potential partners.

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System Design & Analysis is a set of individual reports geared towards engineers and scientists that describes and analyzes the existing water system, and presents the envisioned framework of the integrated water system. The set includes the following reports:

Water System Design H+N+S, Waggonner & Ball
Water System Analysis Royal Haskoning
Ecological Services Metrics Dana Brown & Associates, FutureProof
Groundwater Monitoring Network Deltares
Atlas of Greater New Orleans Deltares, H+N+S

Demonstration Projects is a set of individual reports geared towards potential implementers that includes schematic designs and cost estimates.

Mirabeau Water Garden Waggonner and Ball, FutureProof
Lakeview Floating Streets Bosch Slabbers
Lafitte Blueway Bosch Slabbers, Waggonner and Ball
Elmwood Fields and Water Lanes Robbert de Koning, Dana Brown & Associates
Canal Street Canal Dana Brown & Associates
Eastern Water Walk Dana Brown & Associates
Forty Arpent Canal Zone Dana Brown & Associates

Design Districts & Urban Opportunities is a set of individual reports geared towards planners and designers that elaborates further the urban design opportunities and district scale designs discussed in the Urban Design report.

Metropolitan Park Zone Palmbout Urban Landscapes
Palmetto Canal Palmbout Urban Landscapes
Monticello Canal Bosch Slabbers
London Ave. Canal Wetland Park FutureProof
Hollygrove District Bosch Slabbers
Lakeview District Bosch Slabbers
Elmwood District Robbert de Koning
Veterans District Robbert de Koning
Jefferson Basin Robbert de Koning
Michoud District Dana Brown & Associates

Resources & Urban Analysis is a set of individual reports geared towards planners and designers that describes and analyzes the existing urban fabric and provides prototypical solutions replicable under similar topographic, geologic and hydrologic conditions.

Urban Analysis Palmbout Urban Landscapes
Roadway Retrofits Dana Brown & Associates
Parking Retrofits Dana Brown & Associates
Canal Vocabulary Dana Brown & Associates